The future for The Art of Awkward Conversation

Our little web series has done pretty well for itself, we enjoy making it and LOVE hearing your feedback on it, the support we’ve experienced on twitter etc has been phenomenal. However, it’s tricky to get everyone together in one place, our actors and crew are very much in demand (and when I say in demand  I mean they’ve just got Netflix and no longer like leaving the house). This is why the episodes are so few and far between. We’d like nothing more than to make a whole batch. But time and financial constraints are too difficult. That and we’re a bit lazy. However… do not fear for our future just yet… because plans are afoot to get The Art of Awk on to TV (or your mobile/ laptop/ bluray etc). We’re working our behinds off to make this happen, but we need the support of you our viewers to make the series something commissioners simply can’t turn down. And that means more views and subscriptions. So, here’s the plan, if you’ve watched an episode… watch it again, if you’ve shared the series, share it again. In fact, do not rest until everyone you know and sort of know have all seen the series and passed it on themselves. It’s like that film with Kevin Spacey and the kid from The Sixth Sense, but instead of asking you to do something nice and life affirming for someone, we’re asking you to selflessly promote our show. It’s almost exactly the same. But my eyes aren’t two dark voids like Haley Joel whatshisface. Anyway, together we can make this happen! Go forth and awkwardly promote!

Lots of love, The Awkward Team x

Social Networking... am I right?

Facebook eh? Bloody Facebook? And the rest. I used to be able to get straight out of bed at midday when my sleeping pills wore off, but now, there’s the inevitable twenty minutes as I check in with my various social networking accounts, oh look, that strange guy I used to work with is having a coffee! A photo of Jessica Alba’s dog on instagram! My aunty’s checked in at Sainsbury’s! What better way to get your own back then to gather some actors to brilliantly present your passive agressive gripings in comedy form… and then to upload it on the very sites you’re having a pop at… yes it’s hypocrisy gone mad, but it’s pretty funny too. Enjoy -

We're back


After a brief hiatus (in which we all grew a little older, but strangely and rather infuriatingly, no wiser) The Art of Awkward Conversation is bloody back! We filmed two new episodes recently, the first of which The Office, starring new Notebook Film friends Kirsty Averton and Paul Critoph is up RIGHT NOW. We are planning to get back on the filming tip (bit like the Ragga Tip, but with less bogling) asap so we can bring you a more regular dose of awkwardness. In the meantime, enjoy the new ep and let us know what you think…


The Art of Awkward Conversation on Twitter!

Our web series The Art of Awkward Conversation now has it’s very own Twitter account @ArtofAwkward and with both myself and the star of the series Jack Whitam on tweetin’ duty, things are bound to get pretty awkward. Make sure you follow us!

We've been interviewed!

And we’ve been interviewed on the blog too!

Choice quote:

“The series was written and directed by Tom Melia, a cruel bastard who thinks dog rape if funny” 

We've been reviewed!

‘The Art of Awkward’ has had a glowing review on the Comedy TV is Dead blog -

Quote of choice:

“warning: you may snort with laughter when watching this show”

Episode 4 online NOW! (click the cog to watch in HD)

Episode 3 out tomorrow!

Yes, the much anticipated 3rd episode of “The Art of Awkward Conversation” is out tomorrow! This week we shed some light on the epidemic that is “Hipsterism” – the biggest threat to our culture since David Van Day and Timmy Mallet released “Biff Baff Boff”!


Yep, after way too much time and countless technical issues. Episode Two of “The Art of Awkward Conversation” is here. Enjoy it in all it’s squirmy glory by clicking the “series” tab above!

Technology eh?

Episode 2 will still be premiering today, in fact, it’s uploading as we speak. Just bare with us and it will be Awkward Conversation time very soon!

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